The locomotivebalenciaga bag review  is countless women's devotion, represents the handsome, personality, not blindly pursue big shop sign. 2010 qiu dong's locomotive bag style more rich, aside from the iconic zipper design, size and material changes more. Jig quilting red tote of absolute attract eyeball, the sharp-featured, line is apparent; Along with of camel's hair chamois leather) be sure sell like hot cakes, classic style just about the most in color, wonderful collocation; And cross hollow out pattern of locomotive bag also deserves attention, colour and texture are experiencing a unique style, Shallow pink trumpet locomotive bag is rather lovely, children can't miss. Global famous luxury brand Balenciaga (Balenciaga) this year autumn/winter men dress new atlas public appearance.

 Uphold vehicles consistent excellent and outstanding design, Balenciaga may be comfortably with the luxury brands during the position of balenciaga bag sale . Balenciaga (Balenciaga) 2010 qiu dong show in Balmain (Balmain) of nostalgia while in the 80 s steel wind, Nicolas geis odd el (Nicolas Ghesquiere) bring new design but on the flip side, took us to glance at the future fashion design conception.

Balenciaga (Balenciaga) issued 2011 may vacation series, stylist Nicolas Ghesquiere continue his nostalgic future wind, will Bohemian theme with new technology fabrics perfect fusion up. During the small printed fabrics make crumpled effect, plus surface rainbow shot texture, finally complete a beautiful skirt mop the floor. Meanwhile, from Ghesquiere Cristobal Balenciaga 50 s and 60 s creation the very first time oxygen on the uniform from inspiration, and boost the elastic fabrics and magnetic suction button and so on the modern element.