The first act
The first scene: the palace hall
{hall crowded, Zeus and Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Herme, Prometheus and many other gods of God at the banquetPandora Jewellery Sale  wine talk}
Zeus: Hephaestus, please use your superb fire technology to soil and water as raw material, as I make a lovely woman.Hephaestus: very willing to serve you, my lord.(the loyalty of a bow)
Zeus: Aphrodite, please use your love and beauty as I will soon be born people add to drive men crazy hormones.I know, that you just lift a finger.
Aphrodite: my dear king, I will be your will to do.(smiling bow)
Athena: My Lord, I am willing to use my hands to you people have beautiful clothing fabric, made her more glamorous.
Zeus: oh!Thank you for the industrious and intelligent hand, Athena.
Zeus: {Herme} whispers to tonight night, come to me, for I have something entrusted.
(Herme Zeus restore a slight nod, smile)
Zeus: (cup), please enjoy!
(Prometheus aside alert frowned)
Second scene: the palace bedroom
{dim, Zeus is preparing to go to bed, there's a knock on the door}
Zeus: so late in the night, are you?
Herme: Herme, king.
(Zeus quickly open the door)
Herme: king...
Zeus: shh..
(Zeus side in middle finger gently vertical lip, a sketch he sit down)
I think for those silly humans created a woman, please do as her into your cunning, deceit, cheat, steal personality!
(Herme surprised to see Zeus)
Zeus: you know.Human beings are created by the gods, they should respect the gods.Prometheus church they observed the stars rise and fall; for they invented the numbers and words, so that they understand the calculation and use words to exchange ideas; he  Pandora Beads Sale   also taught them to control animals, to share their work, so that they know how to pull carts or horse rein as mounts.He invented a boat and sail, let them sailing on the sea. He cared about the human excessive.
In doing so he will make humans for their ability and immensely proud of the majority, then they will all do not put in the eye, or even the gods!
Herme: (thinks awhile) I understand, noble king, eternal gods of progenitor.I will be your will to do.
(Zeus Herme smile patted the shoulder)
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