Chief executive Mikel Wen Delin Olsen (Mikkel Pandora Jewelry Vendelin Olesen) on Tuesday left the company.His position will be temporarily by the members of the board of directors of Marcelo, Bethel benefit (Marcello Bottoli) displacement.Pandora from Perth, grace Watson (Per Enevoldsen) and Winifred grace Watson (Winnie Enevoldsen), couples in 1982 to create.It is through the IPO raised the 10000000000 Danish kroner (1300000000 euros), so that the company's initial market capitalization reached approximately 27000000000 Danish krone.
Pandora shares this year had brief breakthrough 370 Danish kroner, but yesterday the company's closing price of 51 dkk.Pandora is the world's famous jewelry brand
As everyone knows, in each film will  Pandora Charms Jewelry   show many beautiful jewelry.Some of the very famous jewelry brand is still very popular.Pandora as the world's famous jewelry brand, in the movie, you will see every kind of Pandora jewelry and jewelry.The actors wear Pandora jewelry to take all kinds of posters, for Pandora jewelry expand publicity, when major suit actor wearing black, red, white Pandora jewelry, it can show the incomparable Pandora jewelry.Despite the beautiful jewelry lot, but has always been the most attractive or Pandora jewelry, girls wear ruby Pandora earrings, a gentle and kind-hearted girl.
Mandela Eva, a strong girl, her chivalrous spirit touched her first lover, it's part of her charm.When she was cast as playing such a role, can better show her graceful and charming.Because she has chivalrous spirit, then wear a top Pandora ruby, plays in the movie, the more true to life likeness, most incisive.She wore 184.73 carat ruby, 22.24 diamonds, 20.23 carat oval diamond, 6.64 carats round concentric diamonds debut.Because Pandora jewelry so popular, fake commodities also talent showing itself, but to understand jewelry people look you can identify the authenticity of Pandora, because the real Pandora jewelry will shine, will let the woman take it meal time flashed a Pandora Beads Jewelry is the wonderful characteristics, make 2200000 movies as heroine Pandora jewelry worn after successful smooth.
In the film, when the actress famous, she wears Pandora jewelry is also famous, Pandora jewelry in the strong light irradiation, will give people a deep impression, because it is red, is very conspicuous.It also improves the movie ratings, because there are many viewers because of the movies of actresses wearing beautiful Pandora Jewelry Sale and watch movies.

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