Pandora jewelry business philosophy is civilians Pandora Jewelrywhen the products "luxury", but in the last two years the product price is up 15%, and analysts think it makes the Pandora jewelry from the original customer base? The board of directors of the Pandora therefore decided, in 2011 and 2012, the product price will not rise again? The jewelry brand Pandora Pandora 2012 chun xia series brand jewelry Pandora ring
Pandora 2012 chun xia series to natural Pandora and flowers for inspiration, with gentle details and art nouveau restoring ancient ways of the eternal remembered,We put the feeling and the series named the flower of restoring ancient ways,The flower of restoring ancient ways of years of charming old series awaken and elegant, is the wealthy women and gentle breath and modern elements of the show: MiaoMan bouquet of flowers ring in  Pandora Charms Jewelry   14 k gold and silver materials in blossom; Silver charm bracelet eye-catching curving flowers.the curving flowers; Elegant flower carving mother oysters in bead shining in the soft embellish burnish; Delicate curving flowers.the curving flowers to create a dragonfly pendant pure silver is very vivid.Each person's life is in memory, memorial that countless, Denmark jewelry brand PANDORA also very enthusiastic want to stay for everyone and drabs, so constant design different modelling, the implications of various small act the role ofing, let the heart into it a a choice, do DIY string to chain said a string of belong to you I his story. Such a thoughtful mind and DIY bracelet pleasures let Hong Kong star, XuHaoYing all joy and his group build several strings, rob mirror hung in the wrist.
This year chun xia PANDORA is new go "flower series" theme, Pandora Beads Jewelrywill take one of happiness vocabulary transfer, including symbolic lucky lucky string act the grass, respectively, have red or green enamel adornment; And the rose of fine detail string act the role ofing, amethyst, set among green jade pulp, pink electrical stone, green olive stone, gray stone a moonlight tonal color gem. More with flowers for the birth of 12 totem stone string act the Pandora Jewelry Sale, with 12 of different flowers among the stones of tonal as decoration.     

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