Starbucks to China can Pandora onlinenot only sell coffee also sell rice dumplings, at laofengxiang come jilin may sell palladium inlays. According to the characteristics and local market needs, can adjust their own goods structure, the survival of the fittest, this principle is not only applied in biological evolution and interpersonal relationship, also apply to the expansion of the enterprise was.
The enterprise is the test was expanding the enterprise Pandora Jewellery Salecomprehensive ability process, and the whole development of the enterprise is a difficult and lengthy process. Open 30 stores, 15 companies make money, 15 lose money, in fact not, meaning! Better to do a into one, control the development and the pace of growth itself better. But if the scale, and funds, manpower, distribution, management, design development, marketing planning everything can't keep up with, that the more of the death of the open, the more brand smashed is small, lose everything is great. Remember, tiger, Pandora jewelry are soaring, hurriedly took his family to buy! Go! Go! Go!
Copenhagen on November 22 (xinhua)--the Danish jewelry manufacturer Pandora company released 22, 2011 in the third quarter financial report showed that, three quarters of jewelry business income for 1.569 billion Pandora Danish krone (1 crowns $1.15 yuan RMB), 12.2% year-on-year drop; After-tax profits for 341 million kronor, 41.3% year-on-year drop?
Results showed that the Pandora jewelry in America market sales than last year the corresponding period grows 4.1%, and sales of the European market is the decline, 28.6% year-on-year drop, the asia-pacific market 1% year-on-year drop? But the company says it will maintain the Pandora in all of 2011 business expectations?
Although the Pandora jewelry Pandora Beads Sale  business revenue and profit compared with last year are declined, but according to its second quarter earnings performance of the worst economic crisis and the background, the result beyond analysts expect? The stock market to the company reported third quarter earnings of a positive reaction, Pandora jewelry in Copenhagen the stock price of the stock exchange opened in 22, three and a half hours after rising 12.3% in?   

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