As for the layman managers, jewelry enterprise bossPandora Charms psychology is more conflict, even for the high-grade luxury goods with clothing, expensive car, high-end real estate, etc, and its characteristic of products, marketing methods, management mode and the jewelry industry and there is a tremendous difference, in the boss can't identify the ability short, give up became the only option. It's not blame the author ever seriously-jewelry circle, dilettante managers of the guillotine!
The author duration RenShiJi margin jewelry company market when the director had proposed, was the need to please professional research company set up shop on the bottom of the agent. Even if, in his own known as the shandong market. Therefore, the author special please poll of linyi market potential, the consumption of the cultural background, competitors, and brand recognition, market predictable changes, and many other aspects of the ground bottom, have guaranteed the century of linyi flagship store opened margin of success.
Perfect talent reserve system
Not to war, the first choice will! People usually need to set up shop in reserves before a complete reserve to six months ago. This aspect, domestic kimberley do more perfect. Kimberley company USES talents reserves and management model output  Pandora Australia   with new store expansion, usually training such talented person, once the new store opening, they have a ready-made manager to ensure that the business will not be big running deviation. Enterprise development, should be people-oriented. Choose to the person, will do to the matter, that speak for themselves.
In the United States, BiLang is relatively low-end brand, tide's is high-end brand; In China, BiLang is high-end brand, and tide's is relatively low-end brand. To ensure that the market was set up shop success, brand orientation and product structure is not static. In 2009, tiffany, brahman g brand such as foreign to continue in yabao hold top image at the same time, in China is a little off the shelves, and even some brands has also used the discount, etc way consumption, he made a good Pandora Jewelry response. As to see the new flagship store in yunnan 7 colour, we can discover, original jadeite jade store in addition to sell, or can sell pu-erh tea, that is the reason why.