The first flagship "Pandora" "Lala dance", let Angela Chang out of interest, but also for the record company, can be in this a fast wind side of the album, let her have more physically demonstrate the performance opportunity.So dance teacher in that a student's request, Angela Pandora charms Chang and his choreography, first MV "Lala dance" is a focus on upper body and hips, so Mrs. Miracle have created an offbeat tap dance, and arrange for an dancer together with Angela Chang in the 'Lily' MV dance.But this arrangement gives MV director Yang Fuming whim, make this a sweet songs, arranged by Angela Chang on the roof of the world, also added a cute chameleon, Angela Chang in the happy time, avatar with her singing and dancing, in Angela Chang are sad, accompany her look at the stars on the roof.
[1-100 years old children's album + Grammy nominated design Xiao Qingyang + Japan illustrators]
This one "Pandora" this is also invited to the Chinese world the first Grammy album design named Xiao Qingyang, called Hero Xiao He, is not mainstream, but tookPandora jewelry  this a popular idol days design, let Xiao Qingyang excited but felt trembling with fear, he also presented a playful ideas, combined with fashion, a style of painting, attract 1-100 old adults and children attention, and invited to tour Japan illustrator IAMKEI, design cute chameleon pattern with many interesting story scenes, all for Angela Chang this one "Pandora" album magic infused.This is Hayes Frank young noble, at the age of three at home in the garden to find his father severely told inaccessible room lock is invisible things to open, and then to the spell generally came into the room, and inadvertently the ban with death and the Hypnos soul box, and the Xiupuruosi take all sealed box from Athena was freed, so she was selected as the Hades earthly sister (protector), has in the underworld anywhere activity necklace, while having a command command 108 fighter capability.Can be pandora beads sale by virtue of a divine Necklace FREE contacts in the underworld and the pure land of ultimate bliss and elsewhere; but also for the family is murdered, Hayes Frank into Hades ground Palace -- city of Hades, and deprived of their rights to enjoy colorful life.She has black hair and purple eyes.First appearance in the Hades chapter. Seiya et al battle awakened Pandora's conscience and childhood memories, Pandora will be his necklace given to Ikki allow access into the pure land of ultimate bliss  pandora charms qualifications, supporting his revenge, he was killed by death.(at this is just to say: the loss of Pandora the man, too bad, also not to take her life.)
Pandora Hearts "(Pandora Hearts) is a Japanese cartoonist Mochizuki and creation of juvenile comic, in the" monthly GFantasy "(history of Will Nicks) in 2006 June began to serialize.Sales exceeded 1110000 fantasy comic.Frontier Works announced in 2007 December sale radio play CD.The aesthetic style, good sweet Lai to create a grim gas this year, coinciding with the animation industry in England style filled with, in his.

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