The biggest mistake by novice the players PLO8 game ... pot limit or any game, is unable to understand the importance of control to reduce the crown size of the pot.

I have been talking about theMonster beats  survival strategies of repetition and posts on this site. You must use a survival strategy PLO8 success. To survive, you must always be kept within reasonable limits, pot pursuit of a draw. PLO8 is a draw and computational mathematics draw, so let the pot until you get the final size control and nuts.

As early as in a PLO8 game, I do not improve ... there have been ... I do not mind if I have AA23 pairs appropriate. I hope all the Beats by dre sale people come here, I will control pots to determine the size I am still the end of the race.

Game at a later date, I will hand a few special posts, but pro Beats by dre I will play the wise fail to prevent any too much pot to make my death.

A large A-2 two minutes or two for I want a raise, I will be limping all the other premium hands. Late AA2x or AA3x in the game I will make a pot of opportunity to increase the size of my preflop or double elimination, but these are basically the only hand will seize this opportunity.

The nuts of the game:

Omaha Hi Look at the game is a way to make the nuts ... do not put too many chips in the pot without it. Again: Omaha Hi Look a nut game! Low at both ends of the resistance spikes, non-nut full (and occasionally on the full) will often end the game players.

How to play the nut low.  pro Beats by dre  Newsflash: It is possible, for more than one player have the nut low.
Nut low, itself, can be one of the largest chip PLO8 drainers. Often you will get 1/4 or 1/6th or even less of a monster, it takes you to pot a ton of chips.

How to play a low draw? Pay! If you only have nut low, flat, zero-high painting, do not call the bet there is a significant size ... called the Little bet on it.

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